Q125: How can I be sure the bookings are authentic?

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A reservation becomes valid (meaning assumed as authentic) only after confirmation even though before it is confirmed other users cannot reserve for this time. There are five ways of confirming a reservation:
  • AUTO: no verification is done, all reservations are automatically confirmed
  • MODERATOR (default): the admin or moderator must manually confirm each booking
  • PASSWORD: users must know the password in order to enter reservations. This is a great model if you have regular customers and if you want to make sure new customers first contact you offline and so get the password.
  • MANUAL: only admins/moderators can enter reservations, no online reservation is possible for customers
  • PAYMENT: customers can immediately confirm their own orders by placing a credit card / PayPal / moneybookers payment, either for the full amount or for a fixed pre-payment fee.