Q179: The settings in the admin panel will not fully support my business model. What can I do?

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ibookfishing is the most flexible reservation system you'll find on the web. This means that almost any business model which involves reservations can be reflected by ibookfishing. In most cases you will not need any customizations, as the standard user interface allows settings a huge number of options. However, in non-standard models, this requires development of HTML templates, CSS stylesheets, server-side pricing or customized availability scripts, usage of our API, customized javascripts etc. You might also want to add another online payment processor, which is possible as well. ibookfishing is an extremeley open system and external developers can do all this without a problem. Still, you may not have a developer on your team and in such case we can help you! Here's our offer:

1. Small customizations
For small customizations, such as a script which calculates availability and pricing based on your custom rules (e.g. based on number of previous reservations is given month), we can develop this effectively at no charge. That is, we will require a payment -- not to us but by adding a payment to your own ibookfishing account. This payment is non-refundable but you can use it in the months to come to pay for your ibookfishing account. For simple scripts the payment is in the range EUR 50-100.

2. Big projects
For very big projects with lots of customizations, API usage, additional databases, embedding the system on your site and using your look&feel etc. we can also do such development. Simply send us your requirements and we will give you a quote. In such case there's no connection between the development fee and your account credits.