Q291: How long do you keep the data in your database?

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Active iBookfishing sites


  • Base reservation data (customer's personal details, reservation ID, status, time, price paid etc.) is never deleted automatically
  • Detailed data related to reservations, such as the log of the notifications sent, the log of all events (cancellations, confirmations etc.), the reservation form items are deleted after 5 years
  • One-time vacations (periods of unavailability) are deleted after 1 year
  • Not completed reservations are deleted after 4 weeks. These are the reservations that weren't finished by the customer, e.g. they haven't checked out the shopping cart or haven't made the obligatory online payment.


Inactive iBookfishing sites

Inactive iBookfishing sites will be deleted after 3 years. Inactive means that no payment was made in the last 3 years and the site has a non-positive balance and no new reservations were made in the last 3 years.

On-demand removal

Please note that you can delete the data yourself (as an iBookfishing site admin), e.g. by deleting a resource you also delete all reservations for the resource and also the customer data if they only reserved the deleted resources. The same applies to the entire iBookfishing site which can be completely deleted.

Note: we reserve the right to change the deletion policy in the future.